By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

So the U.S. Golf Association has reversed course and outlawed the controversial "hot driver," eh? Nothing makes a product hotter than verboten status -- how's that MP3 player treating you? -- and all that the ban signals is:

Time to buy.

Retailers are freaked that they will be left holding the (golf) bag, meaning potentially steep discounts for Joe Duffer. Can't use the club to post a score for your handicap index? Your ego will be soothed when you actually have a better time just knocking the ball around with the more forgiving club. If you don't get one, you know you will be asking to try a friend's, so why not try to snag one yourself on the cheap?

Now that you've got the scoop on one thing that's fashionable, take a look at the rest of what's hot and what's not this week. Feel free to share with your co-workers, buddies, golfing partners and significant others:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Baseball records Lifetime achievement Single-season
The fix is in Taekwondo in Sydney Figure skating in Salt Lake City
Stadium naming rights Razors Fundamentally unsound Internet companies
Best hope against Shaq
Dikembe and decent team D

MacCulloch and a hot AI
Fan-friendly team promotion Online ticket exchanges "Silent Night" (no electronic/video scoreboard)
Analysis style

Highbrow comedy
MLB hot-button executive CFO Jonathan Mariner VP/Labor Relations Rob Manfred
Education for athletes in offseason Business school Broadcasting school
Radio-station format Sports Religion
Arena Football League hotbed Cincinnati Raleigh, N.C.
Chris Webber's big problem Possible indictments Possible work in post vs. Shaq
Hobby for retired athletes Attend political fund-raisers Train to get back into playing shape
Takin' heat as butt of jokes
Anna Nicole Smith

Bud Selig
Cheerleaders' promotional tool Old-fashioned cheesecake calendars Websites no one visits
Weekend flick "XXX" "Full Frontal"
Spurrier Watch
Danny Wuerffel

Sage Rosenfels
Good-faith sign Players OK with steroid testing Owners complain about $220 million loss
Three key letters for would-be college athlete GPA SAT
Unnecessary airport-related whining by pro athletes Security-related delays in travel Obsessive fans staking out
Lighten up, Francis, it's just the preseason
Steve Mariucci

Jeff Garcia
Fun at the ballpark Fans decide whether married couple should split Harassing opposing outfielders from the bleachers

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