By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

There is a look for late summer, and it replaces soccer shorts with a wetsuit. Shark attacks are out, and surfing is in. Take a cue from the three surfer-babes in "Blue Crush," opening this weekend.

Though it's dominated by good-looking people, surfing isn't just about hotties -- it's a low-key mentality coupled with an athletic challenge. The cool kids are jumping off land and into the water.

We're proclaiming right now that the "Aqua X Games" -- surfing, water-skiing and wakeboarding, among others -- will be the event of the summer in 2003.

Now that you've got the scoop on one thing that's trendy, check out the rest of what's hot and not this week. You may even convince someone to throw on a wetsuit for you.

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Little League World Series Bashing Harlem Covering 12-year-olds like pros
MLB strike conventional wisdom Light at end of tunnel Aug. 30 is it
"Get me the damn ball"
Hines Ward

Keyshawn Johnson
The fix is in NFL rookie contracts Olympics
Forum for Magic NBA studio show Still those pesky late-night talk shows
Shaq's drama A new TV series Upcoming toe surgery
Serena Williams as actress
Career-enhancing hobby

Career-killing distraction
Hot young pitchers Curb their innings Showcase them as club saviors
MLB postseason secret weapon Randy Myers Cliff Floyd
California-based wild card

Baseball hotbed Czech Republic Western Europe
NBA head-coaching material Low-profile career assistants High-profile TV guys
Stupidest USA Basketball idea
Asking MJ to play

Asking any Dallas Mav to play
Stadium refreshment Beer (it's healthy now, you know) Espresso (aren't you wired enough?)
Weekend flick
"Blue Crush"

How to fine athletes Let sponsors do it League office does it
Place for college football trash talk Media guide Under the pile-up
The Backup's Backup QB Shaun Hill Shaun King
Who to introduce you at Hall of Fame ceremony Rival Coach
Baseball gimmick night "Welcome Back, Team Alumni!" James Traficant Night
Stadium naming-rights At high-schools In pro leagues
Ranking FIFA Top 10 AP Top 25 anything
PGA Championship Take the field Tiger a lock

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