By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Let's hope the barrage of homemade sign-making brought on by the looming baseball strike has come to an end with the labor deal. Oh, like any fad, it was quaint for a while. But then it became apparent that all the posterboard and puns were just a blatant attempt to get the sign-maker's face on SportsCenter or immortalized for a day in his local newspaper sports section.

Though it's never cool for teams to confiscate fan signs, it's almost equally uncool for fans to bring signs in the first place. Think of the fans in the surrounding area who can't see the game because of signage. If TV time is the goal, go camp out behind the "College GameDay" set like the rest of the world. As for signs: Write 'em off.

Well, that's one thing that's passé. For the scoop on the rest of what's hot -- and what's not -- this week, check out this list below. Don't forget to impress your co-workers, buddies and -- yes -- significant others. Just don't make them a sign.

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Hootie A vengeful misogynist A plain ol' misogynist
Next Masters domino Players Networks
Picket lines College football and hoops players Women outside Augusta National
"American Idol"
Miguel Tejada

Justin Guarini
Most likely to posterize
Luis Scola

Jermaine O'Neal
USA hoops lament "Uh, we got smoked." "But we were missing our best players!"
MIA Pats LB Ted Johnson Saints contract for Brooks
NFL season-opening game Did someone say "Wednesday in '03"? Ever starting on a Sunday again
QB Controversy of the Damned
Rodney Peete

Chris Weinke
Foreign hoops stud
Emanuel "Manu" Ginobili

Yao Ming
Ex-Knight assistants "Boo-hoo, he shoved me!" What did you think was going to happen?
WNBA Basketball is "You're fired, coach." Basketball is beautiful
The Yankees are scared of ... Anything A's Shaky bullpen
U.S. Open Sampras revival! Blake next coming!
Anna Kournikova Rising CD Falling seed
Question for Rick Neuheisel How about some more money? Why did we lose to Michigan?
Stadium naming rights The newspaper that covers the team The cars made down the highway
The toast of Madrid

Budding tennis controversy Drug-testing Fictional players
Unnecessary crowd control World Hoops Championships Sparks celebration rally
Cowboys "Hard Knocks" hilarity NASCAR sponsor
Heisman hype Past winners en masse Wannabe winners
Magic man Pat Williams Mr. Inappropriate Mr. Personality
Brand Jordan Pump up the young 'uns Promote MJ himself
Weekend flick

"fear dot com"
Wisconsin tailgating You bring the gun, we'll bring the fun! Keep your symbol of violence out of our Stadium of Violence

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