By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Many a current lunch-table debate asks: "Schilling or Big Unit?" for the NL Cy Young Award. Hot-Not asks: Or? Why not have your cake and Unit, too? When all is equal, splitting your vote is the hot decision-making tactic. Voters had no problems with that for last year's World Series MVP; why not now?

Feel free to apply the "split-the-vote" to all your choices this week: You'd like the steak and the fish at that wedding reception ... you think Jennifer Love Hewitt and Reese Witherspoon are equally appealing ...Wendy Selig-Prieb and Dean Taylor are responsible for the sorry shape of the Brewers.

But let's say you're in a discussion with your co-workers/buddies/significant other, and they won't respect you if you don't take a stand, one way or another. Check out the list below for the latest on what's hip and passé to keep them up on what's what:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Randy Moss Leader of Planet Clown Leave you on Planet Clown
Expos San Juan D.C.
Padres biggest problem Owner John Moores' assets in a sling Missing the playoffs
GQ sports-issue cover guy
Tom Brady

Kevin "You Missed a Few Buttons" Garnett
Pop star on sports scene

Jon Bon Jovi
Virtual ads Behind goal posts on kicks Behind umpire on pitches
Who owns L.A.? Al Davis Jim Irsay
MJ gets 30 mpg as ... Starter Reserve
Reviving Catholicism Notre Dame The Church
Ryder Cup Where's the national pride? A million ways to blow Tiger's image
NBA contracts Performance-incentive clauses Guaranteed money
Jason Kidd Give up the dream, Sonics fans "But he's a West Coast guy at heart!"
Who's gotta step up for Diamondbacks
Mark Grace

Luis Gonzalez
Scott Rolen's new deal Yeah, Philly was that bad A dream to be in St. Louis
Mr. Panther
Lamar Smith

Rodney Peete
Reason to contract Playoff team can't even fill dome Payroll economics
AL MVP Even A's players say, "A-Rod" Yeah, but what about the winning thing?
From the "Saw This Coming" File Tawny Kitaen taking Chuck Finley to cleaners My wasted fantasy pick on Kurt "$#@#%%!" Warner
Heisman bandwagon
Iowa State QB Seneca Wallace

Ohio State RB Maurice Clarett
Fashion must-have Globetrotters line by FUBU Any current Jets jersey
Bigger injury issue, eh?

Vice sports sponsor Liquor Cigarettes
Weekend matchup Patriots-Chargers Tennessee-Rutgers
Weekend flick Anything with Patrick "Can't Buy Me Love" Dempsey "The Banger Sisters"
Brewers management Ulice Payne-Doug Melvin Keeping it "in the family"

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