By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Renaissance man? Eminem in "8 Mile."

Motor City Madness ... catch it. It's a renaissance in Detroit; the jump-start was a single unlikely NFL victory. The city's jury is still out on Marty Morhenweig (though it passed summary judgment on Luis Pujols), but the crowd-pleasing verdict is in on the town's big new star: rookie QB Joey Harrington, whose brash confidence has aroused the team from its lengthy slumber and created a burgeoning nationwide fashion craze to sport the baby-blue team colors on a No. 3 jersey.

Throw in downtown-revitalizing Ford Field -- the see-and-be-seen place for Detroit glitterati (save your sarcasm) -- and the city's new First Son, Eminem, whose upcoming movie, "8 Mile," will combine with the Lions' rising fortunes to turn Detroit into the next Atlanta.

The halo around Detroit may not last long, so jump on the city's bandwagon while you can. Meanwhile, check out the rest of what's hot and what's not this week:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
One-hit blunder
Jerry Royster

Luis Pujols
Quick to recover Bobby Valentine Jerry Narron
Joe Paterno Free to assault more refs Free to get team to execute better
NFL QB breeding ground

Arena League
Vice sponsorship Chinese beer Hard liquor
Hindsight bullpen strategy Go early and often Press your luck
Pitching staff linchpin Middle relief No. 1 starters
A's ace
Mark Mulder

Tim Hudson
NBA training camp story Grant Hill's health Gary Payton's wealth
Olympic hoops savior Phil Jackson Bobby Knight
Front-burner hiring controversy NFL coaches College football coaches
Marshall alum
Chad Pennington

Randy Moss
Get that jersey! Tommy Maddox No. 8 Kurt Warner No. 13
Does anyone care?
Jon Kitna

Akili Smith
College football big game Stanford-Notre Dame Miami-UConn
Sampras conventional wisdom Fatherhood calls; he's out Back on top
Anything Iowa State

Tom Brady
Detroit Lions savior Joey Harrington Matt Millen
Heisman bandwagon N.C. State QB Philip Rivers Michigan State WR Charles Rogers
Weekend flick
"Red Dragon"

"The Tuxedo"
Randy Johnson's playoff persona Old, choking Unit New, reigning co-MVP Unit
Notre Dame conspiracy NCAA sanctions ND's "non-exempt" win Padded schedule with service academies
Maurice Clarett watch Will feast on Hot/Not alma mater Northwestern Knee scope puts super-season in doubt
News flash! College FB refs fired for poor performance College FB refs have poor performance
More pressing Knicks disaster Kurt Thomas' trouble with law Spree's "Did I mention that break?" injury
Jazz back-up PG 37-years-young Mark Jackson 22-year-old Raul Lopez

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