By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

As the new college hoops season tips off (beginning Thursday and Friday with the ATT Wireless Classic in New York), it becomes increasingly important to be able to add more value to your at-work lunchtime debates than "Hey, I really like that Arizona." Your preparation must include the scoop on the hottest storylines, names and trends. Heaven forbid you mistakenly reference "Jason Williams" and risk social ostracism.

Study the 2002-03 college hoops "What's Hot, What's Not" List below, then settle back for a season of Big Mondays, climb aboard your favorite barstool, dive into a debate among co-workers, or -- as always the tradition of the Page 2 "What's Hot, What's Not" List -- impress your significant other during a romantic dinner date:

What's Hot, What's Not in college basketball 2002-03
Category Hot Not
Keep it cropped

Wear it like Dickau
Needs more pub
David Lee (Florida)

Chris Duhon (Duke)
Jersey the cool people are wearing "Syracuse 15" (Carmelo Anthony) "Illinois 34" (Brian Cook)
Most talent in Milwaukee Dwyane Wade (Marquette) Ray Allen (Bucks)
Pittsburgh to do damage

Maryland to repeat
Player of the Year candidate Hollis Price (Oklahoma) Erwin Dudley (Alabama)
Mighty mite Brandin Knight (Pittsburgh) Andre Barrett (Seton Hall)
Matt Brust Hasn't-He-
Forever? Award
Jason Gardner (Arizona) Jason Kapono (UCLA)
Freshman not named Carmelo Anthony Raymond Felton (UNC) Lenny Cooke (NBA washout)
On-court style statement Wristbands Headbands

Skill to show NBA scouts Making the smart pass Midrange jumpers
Big 12

Luke in Oregon Ridnour Jackson
Venue Cintas Center (Xavier) The Pyramid (Memphis, Tenn.)
Sleeper State
Ball State

Kent State
RPI factor Strength of conference Quality losses
Telegenic coach Billy Donovan (Florida) Rick Pitino (Louisville)
Underclassmen NBA-readiness Ricky Paulding (Missouri) James White (Florida)
Mr. Assist
Steve Blake (Maryland)

T.J. Ford (Texas)
Bobby Knight's rep Still can't win in Tourney Program rebuilder
Top NBA prospect Christian Drejer (Florida) Dahntay Jones (Duke)
Key to deep Tourney run Go-to shooting guard Stingy defense
In the paint
Offensive rebounders (like Georgetown's Michael Sweetney)

Plodding space-eaters (like Western Kentucky's Chris Marcus)
Best rivalry Kansas-Oklahoma Duke-Maryland
Final Four Arizona, UConn, Florida, Xavier Alabama, Duke, Kansas, Maryland

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