By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

As someone who has enjoyed several field-stormin' moments in the halo of victory, I find it hard to begrudge the enthusiastic college students who would like to join their classmates and players on the field after a game. For them, storming the field remains hip -- though it comes with a caveat that you deserve whatever beat-down you get if, in your impaired judgment, you do something stupid, like taunt a dejected opposing player or shimmy up a rickety goalpost.

Jon Wauford
Don't get carried away, or taken to the pokey like Miami of Ohio defensive coordinator Jon Wauford, with your postgame celebrations.

Meanwhile, if you aren't a current student and you rush the field, here are three words: Get a life. Your glory days at Phi Slobba Booza are long gone. And nothing is more uncool than being older than 22 -- let alone into your 30s -- and using a college team's victory to act like a dope.

Bottom line: Celebrating responsibly is in. (And so is shameless self-promotion: Be sure to check out the expanded Hot 'n' Not List for the 2002-03 college-hoops season!) For more on what's hot and what's not hot this week, check out the list below:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not

Weekend flick "New Harry Potter" Anything with Ja Rule and Steven Seagal
NBA coaching style "Coaches' coach" "Players' coach"
New coach's
easy transition

Felipe Alou

Hubie Brown
Object of Mets affection
Tom Glavine

Roger Clemens
Running on field Coach kicks your butt Players kick your butt
Augusta National research methodology Appallingly unscientific Legitimate attempt to join debate
Manute Bol exploitation Minor-league ice hockey Celebrity boxing
Quit the whining already
Alex Rodriguez was robbed

Miguel Tejada undeserving
Bonds 3-peat? No, it's Sosa's turn Yes, it's that easy
Shaq's prognosis It'll be weeks more Any day now!
Hubie-ism "Upside" Speaking in second-person
Harlem Globetrotters College-hoops exhibition slayers Clowning around with the Generals
Knicks' trade rumors Spree for anyone Bradley, Rose coming to New York
BCS once-beaten
Washington State

Arizona hero Hoops coach Lute Olsen Football coach John Mackovic
Least appealing player in sports
Bonzi Wells

Kordell Stewart
NBA rookie bust Mike Dunleavy Jr. Yao Ming
Forecast for The Masters Hootie forced out by Xmas Women kept out past '03 Masters
Heisman bandwagon
Jason Gesser,
Washington State

Byron Leftwich,
10-10-220 commercial shill Hulk Hogan Alf
wisdom about Billy Beane
BoSox an
unwinnable situation
He has such a vested
interest in A's org
Boneheaded play
of year
Waving ball around
before you reach
end zone
Pulling your helmet off
before game is over
Overrated Being "loyal" to injured QB Being "smart" and sticking with hot hand
Poster-worthy Cav
Ricky Davis

Darius Miles
Imprimatur Jerry West Pat Riley
Will avoid one-hit wonder status
James Mungro

Todd Bouman
MLB free agent Hideki Mastui Jose Hernandez
A-Rod consolation prize Players' choice MVP? Gold Glove
Team to watch at ATT Wireless Classic

Most talented WR Marvin Harrison Terrell Owens
Jeremy Bloom
Gotta ski!

So much for bowl game prep

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