GM No. 1: Dan Shanoff
Roster: Samir Sudhir Patel (Speller No. 238); Marshall Kelly Winchester (172); Rajiv Tarigopula (139); David J. Ring (104); Heather Elizabeth van Stolk (230)

Draft Strategy: "My first three picks were all based on previous Bee experience. My last two picks are both halves of a twin; I figured one might have a psychic patch with their twin, who can feed them answers from a dictionary at home. Meanwhile, somewhere, there's a group of SABR practitioners crunching the available data and figuring out that there is actually a way to quantify contestant chances based on hometown, hobbies and level of parents' overbearing."

GM No. 2: John Marvel
Roster: Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan (36); Tia Natasha Elizabeth-Thomas (12); Kimberly Rachel Campbell Olson (45); David Palm (196); Forrest A. Brazeal (126)

Draft Strategy: "Very simple ... I went with homeschoolers and long names that I can't pronounce, let along spell. And don't forget the formidable 'Tia Carrere-Homeschool-Hyphenated Last Name' strategy!"

GM No. 3: Darren Rovell
Roster: Nektarios Vasilottos (85); Stacia Christine Firebaugh (84); John L. T. Tamplin (97); Joseph S. Shepherd (59); Ronnie Cowsert (44)

Draft Strategy: (See Darren's complete "Guide to Picking a Winner.")

GM No. 4: Kieran Darcy
Roster: Jacob Matthew Hubbard (251); Zachary D. Gillooly (153); Sharon Catigbac Mores Daugherty (53); Elizabeth Ann Pisaniello (169); J. Reed Lawson (177)

Draft Strategy: "I'm a sportswriter. Sports are what I know best. So I decided to simply look for the best athletes available – just like general managers and other talent evaluators often do. Look, all these kids can spell. But how many have the strength and stamina gained only on the field of athletic competition? Thus I ended up with warriors like Hubbard, a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Lawson, who has traveled to Japan to give martial arts demonstrations. Daughery has performed in a professional hula dancing troupe for five years and is a four-year member of her county's gymnastics team. And then I went with a couple wild cards. Gillooly – in case he's related to Jeff, because then the fix might be in. And Pisaniello, who doesn't appear to have any kind of athletic background – but she has developed her own language, Islorien, which has over 900 words and is spoken by her friends and family. If this competition ends up being in Islorien, I can't lose!"

GM No. 5: Michael Knisley
Roster: Katie L. Brown (54); Abraham H. Lee (67); Laura Ann Brown (1); Ben Brown (157); Lauren Ashley Bradshaw (178)

Draft Strategy: "Seems like a good week to see what Brown can do for me. Larry gets the big job in the Cavs' front office. Mike gets to coach LeBron. So I took three of 'em: Katie, Laura Ann and Ben. Then there's Laura Ashley Bradshaw. I figure she can spell 'cat' even if I don't have to spot her the 'c' and the 't' ... unlike that other Bradshaw ... if you know what I mean, and I think you do."

GM No. 6: Jeff Merron
Roster: Charlotte J. Roose (170); Dheena Marie Ebuen Elayda (60); Lindeon Sherlock Davis (249); Mercy Parungo (4); Nicole Mae San Mateo Mercado (100)



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