10:10 – Yet another mystery solved: Stu Scott reports that Hamilton wears the Schnozzaroo Mask because his nose has been broken three times. According to Stu, if it gets broken one more time, there won't be any cartilage left. Looks like we have a new leading contender to buy the Neverland Ranch. By the way, in the past three minutes, we've heard English, French and Stu Scott.

10:17 – With 2:30 remaining in the first half, we're knotted up at 36. This game has been a solid C-plus so far. In other words, it's been the best game of the series.

Robert Horry
Robery Horry, perennial playoff impact-maker.

10:20 – Classic Robert Horry moment: With the Pistons ready to execute a go-ahead fast break layup, the crowd ready to explode and Michaels and Hubie ready to mention for the 400th time tonight that Ben Wallace is having a great game, Big Shot Bob comes flying from the weak side to block Hamilton's layup, then drains a go-ahead 3 on the the other end. "Wow, you love Robert Horry's game," gushes Hubie, who has decided to speak exclusively in the second person tonight.

10:23 – Don't forget that on Saturday, folks – the Phoenix Mercury are taking on the New York Liberty at 4 p.m. on ABC. Meanwhile, Billups just clocked Tony Parker with a Macho Man Savage-like elbow that even Crawford had to call. At least the Pistons are whacking guys tonight. Only took three games.

10:24 – Graphic of the night: Parker's favorite movie is "Face/Off." See, these are the things I need to know. Apparently he wasn't bothered by the fact that John Travolta outweighed Nic Cage by 25 pounds in that movie and had a head that was twice the size, but they somehow easily switched faces halfway through the movie. Don't get me started. I'm not even kidding – I could write 3,500 words on "Face/Off." Remember, I'm the same guy who gave you 2,100 on "Youngblood." Don't underestimate me.

10:25 – Our halftime score: Spurs 42, Pistons 41. Now, you're the Pistons. You're playing at home. You got a nice gift with Ginobili's injury 21 seconds into the game. You have Ben Wallace playing out of his mind. And you've only been whistled for six fouls. And yet, you're still losing. You can't be happy right now.

(Whoops … now I'm doing it.)

10:37 – Tonight's halftime feature on Rip Hamilton is being narrated by former "Diff'rent Strokes" star Conrad Bain. All right, I made that up. It's Jamie Foxx again. If the NBA playoffs were the Red Sox, I think Jamie Foxx would be Ben Affleck.

10:42 – From reader Mike in St. Louis: "You think they could do one of those halftime caring and sensitive shows about Latrell Sprewell's kids? They could go through the daily struggle they have to go through to get a meal."

10:50 – Two minutes into the third, the Spurs are leading by one and the Pistons desperately need a momentum change. Is it too late for them to stick a beer-throwing John Green three rows behind the Spurs bench? Or should they have Ben Wallace's brother charge into the Spurs' huddle and inexplicably start punching Tony Parker from behind?



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