• They nailed something else rarely done correctly in movies: The clingy sex fiend with crazy eyes who scares the living hell out of you, then you end up dating her for a few months just because she makes you fear for your life. We all have that one friend who couldn't stop dating girls like this (I wish I could name mine, but he's getting married soon and probably wouldn't appreciate it), and only for one reason: "The sex is FEEEEEE-nomenal." These are usually the girls who end up slashing your tires or causing you to change your phone number 20 different times in a five-month span. But you never see them in movies unless it's one of those "Basic Instinct" ripoffs, like "The Temp," or "The Ex" or pretty much every Shannon Tweed movie. It's nice to see one in a comedy.

• Rachel McAdams plays the daughter of Christopher Walken's powerful politician character (the one Wilson ends up falling for), which is spectacular because she's That Girl from "Mean Girls" and "The Notebook." Let's see ... she's funny as hell ... she's likable ... she's a good actress ... everyone I know loves her ... and yet she probably gets 1/100th of the attention of Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, the Hiltons and 65-pound Nicole Richie. You figure it out. Hopefully this will be her breakout movie -- she's been the Dwyane Wade of Hollywood for two years running.

• Two words: Christopher Walken.

• There's a rich dude/bully/snob character out of the Chas Osborne/Johnny Lawrence/Cole from "Bachelor Party" mode -- the fiance of McAdams' character, played by Bradley Cooper (the character's name is "Sack Lodge," which is funny in itself). And that's another lost art over the past few years. Where have the bullies gone? Where are the Billy Zabkas of this generation? Sack Lodge was the first good one in a while. And yes, I like thinking of excuses to keep writing the name "Sack Lodge."

• I don't want to spoil it, but the touch football scene damn near killed me. Hysterical.

And we were cruising along, and I was thinking about things like "has a raunchy comedy ever won the Oscar before?" ... and then, something terrible happened. About an hour in, after Vaughn was tied up and "raped" by his crazy girlfriend, Walken comes in to check on him (whaaaaaaaaat?). For whatever reason, Walken sits down on the bed and the two of them have a cryptic conversation, even though it's the middle of the night. Then, Walken leaves. At no point does he ask, "Um, why are you tied up?"

Wedding Crashers
When you have Christopher Walken in the mix you're in safe hands.

In my notebook, I wrote down the words, "Rope scene -- uh-oh."

Up until that point, everything about the plot was somewhat believable. Watching that scene unfold, instinctively, I knew we were in trouble ... and I was right. Because suddenly Wilson was falling in love with McAdams, and they threw in a couple of sappy scenes, and Vince stopped being funny, and we were taking a turn to Chickflickville, and I kept waiting for the car to turn toward Comedy City again, but that damn car kept going straight ... and finally, we were plunging off a cliff. It's almost as though they decided one of two things:



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