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LA Times (11/13) -- Only in Hollywood could a person make a living sitting in the "Friends" writers meetings and typing out their dirty jokes, then claim she's dying a little every day (unless it was Ross' leather pants/hand cream scene ... excruciating). I hope they held a separate meeting to hash out why they'd fire her. "Guys! Listen up! I've got it ... she types too slow!" WHAHAHAHA!

Portland Tribune (11/12) -- If nothing else, Roddy Piper's got a positive outlook about his new stand-up comedy act. "I don't even consider it heckling unless they stab me." Now let's hope he's got thick skin.

LA Times (11/16) -- And let's consider this "heckling." As Snoop and Quincy Jones were on stage to present Dr. Dre with an award last night, the Vibe crowd turned as rowdy as Crenshaw Boulevard (when it's packed and fulla cars). Suge Knight's denying involvement, but tying this back to Piper, I gotta ask something. Has anyone ever seen Suge and Bad News Brown in the same place?

Boston Globe (11/16) -- In a month, these sentences could live alongside Dan Shaughnessy calling David Ortiz a "sack of you-know-what" in Globe infamy: "While we watch House solve mysteries like a medical Sherlock (including the drug addiction), we also watch the mystery that is House -- as immovable and impossible to see through as his name. And best of all, we also watch (Hugh) Laurie, the British actor known by many as Bertie Wooster in 'Jeeves and Wooster' and Mr. Little in 'Stuart Little,' as he delivers a tour de force performance."

Wait for it ...

Waaaait for it ...


Louisville Courier-Journal (11/7/2004) -- Why link to something a week old? Put it this way: I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Gary Wayne Rodgers link from yesterday. As the afternoon went on, I wondered how somebody could have found that and unfortunately, here's the answer. As Lou Brown said ... this guy here is dead. So if you've got any more jokey Sean Penn comparisons to make ... um, cross them off.

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (11/11/04) -- Since that last one was a bummer, here's every football writer/stoner surfer dude's dream lead. (I guess he's saving "Everything is different, but the same ... things are more moderner than before ... bigger, and yet smaller ... it's ... computers" for the BCS.)

The Slate (11/12) -- While reading "The Slate Guide To Managing Your Posse" (worth it for the links alone), it got me wondering. What exactly does ODB's entourage do now that he's gone? Join Cappadonna's? Move from the 36 Chambers to the Super 8? Try to find the receipt for that submarine they bought? Or do they just head straight to Foot Locker? The possibilities are endless. Pretty bleak, but endless.

eBay -- A grand didn't sound too bad for a flight to LA, a night in a five-star hotel and lunch for two. Too bad it's the reserve. I get a feeling that this is some disposable income Trishelle won't ever be spending.

Gamespot (11/11) -- For anybody who's wondered how EA could create 18 leagues, 38 national teams and 11,000 players ... in FIFA 2005. My high school won the state title last year; I'm still hoping to unlock them.

The Tennessean (11/13) -- An update on a Simmons favorite and the charter member of the Unintentional Comedy Hall of Fame, Dontae Jones, who's gone from high-fiving Henry Louis Gates during pregame warmups to scoring 41 points and 12 boards in his ABA debut with the hairline of Rory from "Survivor" ... while living a Whoopi Goldberg movie.

Lexington-Fayette Division of Community Corrections -- While there's nothing (all right, something ... everything) inherently funny about being arrested 96 times in a calendar year, the hairstyles of Gary Wayne Rodgers belong in the Smithsonian. My favorite's number eight: The King of the Wild Frontier.

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