By The Intern
Page 2 -- Forget Lycos. Notwithstanding that wench Hilary Duff at No. 10 (Lindsay looked sooo much cuter with Aaron Carter!), this looks more like the 2004 I remember. Check the archives, too. It terrifies me that a hundred years from now, people might think of 9/11 as the time we focused a little more on Nostradamus and a little less on Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.

SportsPickle (12/29) -- "Todd Pinkston Breaking Barriers as NFL's First Woman." -- I'll say this: if saying "You're a dead man" to Mike Martz is a crime, every person who ever bet on the Rams should should be held captive at Guantanamo Bay.

New York Times (12/29) (login required) -- A pretty accurate criticism of the media putting its blinders on for the Reggie White tributes. Not sure I agree, but there is one part that's irrefutable: "[Charlie] Ward, the leader of the team's Bible study group at the time, said he feared that female sportswriters would ogle him." That's funny.

Link of the Day
New York Post (12/30) -- Then there's Iron Mike, going for a grand slam on Christmas Day.

E-mails of the Week
From Bly Gilmore: "I can't believe you used as a link. There are other options out there. is one. is a great one for all kinds of football games. And the site I founded a few years ago has a ton of Madden and NCAA files in our forums:"

(The Intern responds: "OK, a couple people e-mailed about something that I thought was understood, so I'll say it. I didn't research PS2Rosters. You should before you send out your memory card. I mean, you wouldn't date any random stranger on the Internet, would you? And if you would ... um, you got New Year's Plans")

From B. Flanagan in Boston: "The RMV vanity plate search is amazing. Here is what might quite possibly be the funniest license plate in the world. As of the first of this month, 'DUI' may be available for order. Please submit an application or call our telephone center to confirm availability. That license plate would be priceless."

From Chris Goodridge in Lewisville, Texas: "'JAILB8' is still available just in case Jamie Lynn Spears moves to Massachusetts."

From Matt Wadley in Charlotte: "METS86 -- I know it doesn't sting as much as two or three months ago, but still, the irony."

From Chris McKeown: "I only typed in one vanity plate option, and it was available. I'm speaking of course about the vanity plate from Seinfeld fame, 'ASSMAN'. How has no one taken this yet? I am seriously disgusted with the state of Massachusetts, and this is coming from a guy in Montreal."

(Adds The Intern: "And finally, because let's be honest -- what else am I good for? -- one more random unsubstantiated claim for 2004 ...")

From Anonymous in the Boston area: "I was driving north on 128 on Wednesday afternoon, and a Mitsubishi Montero pulled in front of me with the "Ainge" plate. I was unable to take a look at the driver, though."

Happy New Year, everybody.

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