-- Courtesy of Scott S., who claims that this was made by the same guys that did the "We're getting the league back together" fantasy football commercials from a couple of years back. This is simultaneously the worst and greatest video I've ever seen. No small feat. (By the way, don't give up on this before Tony Parker's entrance)

TUESDAY, 5/10 -- Not that this is a novel thought, but it seems like the funnier the comic, the more dark and disturbed the person. I think that was Eddie Murphy's problem. I assume he has become quite comfortable with celebrity, and is probably a generally happy guy. Which is great for him, the only catch is that he stopped being the funniest man on the planet.

Knight -- Hilarious worship of all things David Hasselhoff. Which brings me to a very important question -- who is the lamest person alive today? If measured in regard to indignation aroused, the clear answer is Scott Stapp. But if lameness can be judged on a scale of conceding admiration, well then you've got to go with Hasselhoff. For example, when I saw Scott Stapp on Celebrity Poker Showdown, I remember thinking, "Man do I hate that Scott Stapp. He's so lame." But when you see video of Hasselhoff wearing the flashing-light jacket at the Berlin Wall, it's more of a "You've really outdone yourself this time, Hasselhoff. Well played." -- Marquette made the brilliant decision to switch its nickname to the "Gold." Here was Dwyane Wade's reaction. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. -- Pretty fascinating summary of the love-life of Frank Sinatra. If you don't feel like reading it, here's what you need to know -- it was good to be Sinatra back in the day. That's right, nothing but groundbreaking stuff here.

WEDNESDAY, 5/11 -- Thanks to Andrew B. for this one. It's tons of fun figuring out what types of players your friends are. For example, my friend Michael is a cinch for The Guy Who Wears Too Much Protective Gear. He puts on ankle braces just to watch basketball. -- When Simmons emailed this to me, I laughed at first. But then I slowly realized that I was looking directly at my financial ruination. Drunk-dialing is always dangerous, but this ... this is going to destroy me. -- Last mention of Mitch Hedberg, I promise. But this guy said it perfectly. -- Great insight into the Hunter S. Thompson writing process, by way of his Rolling Stone editor. I imagine this is similar to the life Simmons leads.

THURSDAY, 5/12 -- BURN!!! -- I wanted to use this in my final submission for the Intern contest, but the site was temporarily shut down. Basically, this guy is going to hell on a bullet train. -- I actually read somewhere that Will Ferrell is a surprisingly good basketball player. According to this Q&A though, Bo Jackson's got nothing on high school freshman Will.

FRIDAY, 5/13 -- I felt like I had more on the line while taking this quiz than when I took the LSAT. No, seriously.



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