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Good to be back in the office ... the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Hawks have MARVIN WILLIAMS! I still think Chris Paul would have been perfect, but I've got no complaints here.

Speaking of that, thanks for showing me something, Billy. Not only am I cool with the Marvin pick, but I really like the Salim Stoudamire gamble at the top of the second round.

Also, one correction from my Hawks article – I mentioned the fixed dunk contest between 'Nique and Jordan in '87, when clearly I meant '88. Inexcusable. (Andrew S.) – Tony Parker raps in French after Game 7. Allow me to translate:

"I battle any sex or any race,
You beating me is like Billy Crystal playin' Scarface.
You can't see it, I'm blind to the eyes,
I'm all up in your face, OOPS-POW SURPRISE!
OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" – Russian President Vladimir Putin pockets Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring, then nonchalantly walks away while calmly whistling. Kleptomaniacs everywhere rejoice.

(Anyone else laughing at the thought of Dana Carvey's klepto character from "Trapped in Paradise," or is that just me?) – Bear with me, I have to get this off my chest:

Will, I know your heart is in the right place here, but if you're looking for a reason why your album sales are so low, I've got the answer – you're not a talented rapper. You've got an excellent point about the positives of looking up to someone like Mos Def rather than the gangbanger genre, but don't undermine the credibility of your argument by throwing yourself in the mix. Put on any Mos Def track and then follow with any one of your own – it's not even close. Even as an A-list actor, I think you're underappreciated. But as a rapper? Come on, man. Don't be the whiny guy rationalizing why it's someone else's fault that your record sales are low. You're better than that. – First Star Wars, then Batman, and now ... an Untouchables prequel? Next up: "How Stella Lost Her Groove."

Okay, if that seems a little random, it's because I just read this ( (registration required) – Interesting theory here about "Newsradio" having a negative impact upon Dave Foley's career (I think the show used him just fine, but no need to get into that). More importantly, has there been a more underrated sitcom in recent history than "Newsradio" (note – to borrow Simmons' "Rocky V" stance, this is assuming that the post-Hartman era never happened)? Over the past fifteen years, I'd put those first couple of seasons firmly behind "Seinfeld" and right on par with "Arrested Development." Plus, I was borderline in love with Maura Tierney during that time period.

So I had maybe the 900th guy come up to me this weekend and recognize me as The Intern. First of all, how someone is able to do that off that tiny headshot still amazes me. Secondly, my ego loves this and I'm not complaining in the least, nor do I get tired at all of talking about it. Thirdly, I would like to state for the record that I am not above accepting free drinks from total strangers.



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