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It's not official yet, but I'm so giddy over the announced Joe Johnson sign and trade that I can't help myself. Apparently the Hawks are getting Johnson in return for Boris Diaw and two lottery-protected draft picks. And the best part is that Phoenix apparently WANTS Diaw. As I kept saying yesterday, I feel like I'm about to get punk'd. Here are my Top 3 memories from the Boris Diaw Experience:

3. After being passed the ball, Boris screams and hands it to the guy guarding him.
2. After being passed the ball, Boris screams and chucks it into the stands.
1. That sweet dunk Boris had that one time in warm-ups.

That was a little harsh but I can't help myself, as I'm well past the point of return now. If this deal somehow falls through, I don't see any way that I can recover. (Ryan W.) -- A thoroughly compiled list of the top hundred video games of all-time. Giving me a vote would have been like the time VH1 gave Britney Spears a ballot for their hundred greatest albums countdown; all I know is the old-school NES stuff and PS2 sports games. Speaking of video games ... (Frank M.). -- USA Today ranks the sixteen N.L. broadcasting teams. I guess familiarity breeds bias, but I don't see how the Braves crew isn't right at the top. They are the epitome of understated excellence. (A-Dubs in Cambridge, MA -- and yes, that's how he sent his name in). What are your plans for this Wednesday, August 3rd? Cancel them -- we're taking a road trip to Canada to see John Daly take on Niagara Falls. People will be talking about this one for ages. (Jim B. in Pittsburgh) -- Dolphins rookie linebacker Channing Crowder wrestles boars in the off-season "maybe four, five, six times a week," whereas fellow Dolphins rookie Manuel Wright openly cries after being yelled at. Here are some possible nicknames for the dynamic duo:

• Fire and Ice
• Cortese and Costanza
• The Odd Couple
• Whiskey and Water
• Tango & Cash

Actually, the only one I like is Tango & Cash, which makes absolutely no sense.

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