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For the record, my list of greatest 90's sitcoms yesterday EXCLUDED animated shows. The sitcom link set that out in the ground rules. So for those of you that wrote in to tell me that we can no longer be make-believe friends, I will now accept your make-believe apologies. (Manuel G.) -- Here's a fake Neil Patrick Harris blog, attributed to his character from "How I Met Your Mother," where he notes "Twenty-Four Ways in Which Women Are Like Fish." This is the sound of me holding up my hands and retreating to a safe distance. (Ken R.) -- Would you hire this man? -- I'm genuinely going to miss the Vlade Divac Era. He looked like a cross between Jean Reno ("The Professional") and Yakov Smirnoff; watching him plead with refs was endlessly entertaining; he took "craftiness" to unimagined levels; I still laugh at him demonstrating dance moves to Kings cheerleaders in that excellent commercial; and he always struck me as someone who would be great in a crisis. Plus, I can't think of many things more frightening than getting stuck guarding a shirtless Vlade in a pickup game. I respect that. (Frank M.) -- Check out the new Ali G promos for NBA on TNT. Somehow, these got me inexplicably excited for the upcoming season. (Dave from D.C.) -- Everything you ever wanted to know about "Laguna Beach." This confirms what I knew all along -- it's undeniably "real," but painstakingly choreographed. Yet I continue to watch the show. Which reminds me ... -- Behind the scenes look at "My Name is Earl," which I caught for the first time this week and really enjoyed. If I were a real man, I'd only watch sports and exhaustive war documentaries on the History Channel. If I were half a man, I'd extend my viewing to quality sitcoms like "Earl," but I would never watch sensational reality programming like "Laguna." This is why I constantly picture a disappointed Clint Eastwood shaking his head at me.

TUESDAY (Mike C. in L.A.) -- Support for Simmons' "Godfather" analogy between Weis and Carroll. Weis has the look of a man suddenly realizing that Carl Everett just outdebated him. -- Julius Hodge denies assault charges, gives his best Mr. Robinson smile. -- The world's first finishing school for men. David Stern ought to take a serious look at this. It would be infinitely more amusing than the new dress code, and equally (in)effective. (Ed S. in Scarsdale, NY) -- The new "Blitz" seems to take the stance that if you're going in a shady direction, might as well just go all-in. Also, if you needed further proof that Lawrence Taylor gets "LT" all to himself, just look at that earring one more time. No one could ever pull that off like he does. (Paul G.) -- Although it's fantastic, my first impulse was to draw the line at this picture. But then I decided that line-drawing is for cowards. And so I give you ... The Swayze on horseback. -- One site's listing of the Top 10 Sitcoms of the 90's. And since you asked, here is the correct listing for the Top 5:



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