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Considering the disappointing results of the UGA and Falcons games, the following exchange was probably the highlight of my otherwise depressing weekend:

Me: (checking NBA box scores during the Falcons game) -- "What the ... Raef LaFrentz has 27 at the half."

My friend Connor: (laughing) "What?"

Me: "Yup. He's already got seven 3's."

(brief pause)

Connor: "Raef LaFrentz is a man among boys." -- I already linked to it a couple months ago, but I'm putting up the phenomenally insane James Brown interview again. Officially, I'm reusing it because of the extended interview footage (the "deleted scenes rationale"). Unofficially, I think the link should be permanently affixed to this page and I just needed an excuse to revisit it. -- An auction for a one-hour tennis lesson and vegan lunch with Martina Navratilova received zero bids. I should mention that the PETA sponsored event started at a cool 20K, which is obscene -- I could eat poached koala every day for a year on that kind of cash. -- Details on Louisville's Muhammad Ali Center, a museum dedicated to the boxing great that opens a week from today. Greatest sports photograph ever. -- White Chocolate's Miami progress report, which only serves to remind me how much I once missed those Kings days. I say "once" because Stephon Marbury forever tainted them during an interview when, asked whether he was impressed with the flashy Williams, Steph smirked and dismissively stated, "Look, I was doing all that stuff when I was 13." His voice left no doubt that it was true, too. I felt like I had just found the perfect new hat, only to come home and find that Stephon Marbury had urinated all over it.

Clinton Portis (Jonathan C.; note -- immediate sound) -- Clinton Portis goes on a 10K Best Buy shopping spree. At this point, I'd probably link to Clinton eating a sandwich. He never fails.

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