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Page 2 (Erik T.) -- A recently released book, "Operation Yao Ming," details the controversial story surrounding Yao's staged development as a Chinese basketball player. Says Shawn Bradley, "Cry me a river, Yao. Back in my youth, I played a funky bass like you wouldn't believe, but Mormon Nation had other plans ... " (Mike J.; SOUND) -- I bet you woke up this morning and thought, "You know what I'd really like to see today? I'll tell you, self. I'd like to see the Governator's 1980 Mr. Olympia performance set to 'You're the Best.' That would pretty much make my flippin' day." Done. (Craig in Melbourne, Australia) -- If Suge Knight were a Serbian tennis dad. (Jason W.) -- Brian Scalabrine has time to discuss candlepin bowling, "The Chronicles of Narnia" and buddy Dan Dickau, yet declines even the slightest mention of his legendary warm-up dunk arsenal. That's one humble redhead. (Jonathan P.; SOUND) -- Classic clip of Conan O'Brien playing old-time baseball. At the very least, skip to the final 1/3 when he takes the field. Well worth it. (Troy I.) -- Check out the bottom picture of Ben Gordon celebrating while being grinded by a courtside fan. Responds Imaginary Ben, "Judge me all you want, but that goofy weirdo could flat dance. I apologize to no one."

WEDNESDAY (David F.) -- History's Most Lopsided Trades ... as renegotiated by Billy Beane. Truthfully, I'm just linking to this for the line about Tom Waits' "whiskey-soaked charisma." That may be the greatest compliment I've ever heard. (Adam C.) -- Entertaining, albeit frightening, timeline of A.I.'s hairstyles over the years. File this one under "When Expressing Your Man-Crush Goes Too Far." -- Lots of truth in this album review of Jamie Foxx's "Unpredictable." For instance, "Foxx's sense of humor (and sense of shame) has evidently diminished in direct proportion to his exploding fame." If that doesn't sum up Foxx nowadays, I don't know what does. (David W.) -- Angry Colts fan puts Peyton-signed helmet up for sale, takes jab at himself to try and throw us off his trail. Nice try, Vanderjagt. -- Feeling victimized as the team's scapegoat, Sonic Danny Fortson says he's "about to flip out." I can't even imagine what that entails with someone like Fortson. Does he place the mascot's head in GM Rick Sund's bed? Eat Luke Ridnour as a pregame meal? Keep the cameras rolling. (Joel W.; SOUND) -- Video of Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") performing an air guitar rendition of the "Law & Order" theme on Conan. Much funnier when the audio is synched up right, but still strangely impressive.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times -- when you rely on a kicker with a diamond stud earring, you rely on a kicker with a diamond stud earring.

You played with fire Colts fans ... and Vanderjagt burned you on his way to the discotheque.



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