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Earlier this week, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, casually flipping channels when we stumbled upon "Point Break," maybe 10 minutes in. My friend had just mentioned something about heading out. Instead, neither of us moved again until Special Agent Johnny Utah finished watching Bodhi drown at sea.

I bring this up for one reason -- The Keanu/Swayze dynamic in "Point Break" is accidental genius, and more should be made of it. With Keanu, every line he utters is so phenomenally unconvincing that you would swear it was someone doing an over-the-top impersonation. It's nonstop comedy. On the other hand, Swayze gives one of the most underappreciated performances of all time. Watch it again and try to tell me one scene in which you're not hanging on every word he says. In the end, it's like watching Brando trade lines with a drunken orangutan, only Brando came out of nowhere.

I'm not sure the contrast in lead characters will ever be duplicated. Having the worst actor of his generation at his antiacting zenith, paired against a cheesy '80s heartthrob belting out the role of a lifetime was like capturing lightning in a bottle. What a great movie.

"Silence of the Lambs" won Best Picture at the 1991 Oscars, but that's only because the Academy is full of cowards. (David M.; SOUND) -- Imagine a sport where one minute Mike Tyson is nervously protecting his rook, and in the next chasing down a screaming Gary Kasparov. I give you the inaugural World Chess Boxing Championship. (Paul in Chicago) -- In a story almost too good to be true, a youth football game between rappers-turned-coaches Luther Campbell and Snoop Dogg had to be called when an on-field brawl broke out. Oh yeah, the game was for charity. (Chris C.) -- Axl Rose makes rare public appearance, more empty promises of impending "Chinese Democracy" release. Part of me wishes Axl had just cryogenically frozen himself in 1992 and spared us the sad fallout. No one that grew up on G'N'R should have to go through this. -- With the Antonio Davis saga, everyone quickly jumped on the "we'd all defend a threatened loved one" angle. But in the video, all you see is Kendra Davis angrily yelling at a fan. I realize that a crazed wife is less sexy than a loyal NBA husband valiantly defending her honor, but that just might be the truth. At the very least, here's the fan's version. (Jesse C.) -- For $100, Skull Hawk will tailgate with you before the NFC Championship. For an additional $500, he'll gather his things and leave your home two weeks later.

THURSDAY (Erik T.) -- A recently released book, "Operation Yao Ming," details the controversial story surrounding Yao's staged development as a Chinese basketball player. Says Shawn Bradley, "Cry me a river, Yao. Back in my youth, I played a funky bass like you wouldn't believe, but Mormon Nation had other plans ... " (Mike J.; SOUND) -- I bet you woke up this morning and thought, "You know what I'd really like to see today? I'll tell you, self. I'd like to see the Governator's 1980 Mr. Olympia performance set to 'You're the Best.' That would pretty much make my flippin' day." Done.



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