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Page 2 (Kyle T. in Springfield, IL; SOUND) -- I have very few rules for this page, but one that's inflexible is this: If you pretend to miraculously throw a football sixty yards to yourself, I will link to it. No matter what. So on that note ... the late, great Curt Hennig (a.k.a. Mr. Perfect). -- Vince trips over himself, falls down flight of stairs backtracking from his "team play" comments. -- Apparently there's a big screen adaptation of "Magnum, P.I." in the works, which implies someone would actually attempt to recreate the Selleck 'Stache. That's like proclaiming you can repaint the Mona Lisa, travel through time, or outwit Tony Danza. (Gabriel P.; SOUND) -- Pretty cool Nike video of Brazil's Ronaldinho testing out some new kicks. Sort of like the Tiger driving range commercial, only it's soccer, so no one in the U.S. actually cares. -- At last night's Hawks game, some moron tried to rattle LeBron with a laser pen, which played out about as well as poking a sleeping grizzly bear. More importantly, I heard through a friend of mine that Michael Vick was greeted on the Jumbotron to a smattering of boos, thereby destroying any defense of Atlanta as a fair-weather town. You ungrateful bastards. -- As per hazing tradition, Tampa Bay Lightning rookies were left with a $24K dinner tab the other night (coming out to $6K a rookie). Can you imagine the waiters battling it out for that table? I bet people actually died.

WEDNESDAY (Jon H.) -- Vince on Kobe's 81:

"It is great for the league, for him, just because of the buzz it has created. The only bad thing about it is younger kids [not putting the team concept first]. That is what is missing, guys understanding how to play as a team."

Is he serious? The guy who once tanked an entire season just to get traded is lecturing on the value of team? That's like Geraldo shaking his fist at sensational television coverage.

Speaking of Vince, I think this opening sentence says it all ( (Richie H. in Honolulu, HI) -- Pennsylvania student says he was humiliated in class (allegedly forced to sit on the floor during a midterm exam while other students threw paper at him) for showing up in an Elway jersey just two days before last weekend's Steelers/Broncos game. His teacher, decked out in a Roethlisberger jersey (seriously), dismissed it as "a lesson." (Gill in London; SOUND) -- I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of that wrestling convention clip from yesterday (here's the extended version, as seen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"). In fact, I may never have a conversation again where "It's still real to me, dammit!" or Captain Redneck Dick Murdock are not prominently involved. -- Compared to this, the Simmons/Isiah feud is like watching Wilbon and Kornheiser pretend to get mad during "Toss Up." The bar has been raised. (Doug H.; SOUND) -- Watch Kobe drop all 81 in a little over 3 minutes. My favorite part is whenever a Raptor feigns help before quickly retreating back to his man. If I were Sam Mitchell, I'd have a field day with this tape session. "Okay ... freeze! Now right here, you just turned your back on Kobe to go find Sasha Vujacic. Let me guess, you're thinking, 'Hey, Kobe's got 70. It's Sasha Time.' Brilliant. I hate you all."


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