"I feel 10 times better than I felt my last season, in terms of passion and fire. I got my dog back, in African-American language, your dog meaning your passion, your fire."
-- Deion Sanders

"Vinny's presence puts a greater strain on the offensive line, the tight ends and the backs to keep people off him, but if we can do that, he can be dangerous."
--Cowboys TE Dan Campbell on Vinny Testaverde

"You can't knock the hustle. I mean, you see a brother getting broke off, you gotta like that. All I'm sayin' is don't stop breakin' the bread now."
-- Edgerrin James on Peyton Manning's new contract

"[Imagine] on the 26th of September, a week to go, they're tied, and it's Schilling-Vazquez at Fenway ... oh-ho, baby! Vazquez won't be able to get through the warmups without puking out in right field!"
-- Chris Russo on "Mike & the Mad Dog" Sept. 1

"Vin gave us a solid presence off the bench at the end of last season and in the playoffs. With a fresh start at training camp with the team, we know he'll be an even more productive force."
-- Knicks GM Isiah Thomas after giving Vin Baker (32 percent shooting in April, 5.5 ppg in the playoffs) a two-year, $7 million deal

"We have a lot of stars, just no one you've ever heard of."
-- 49ers GM Terry Donahue

"Coming from the University of Miami, I developed really good study habits."
-- Jets rookie Jonathan Vilma

"You have to tip your hat to her, Svetlana is 24, 25 and is out there starving herself to death, puking her guts out, or whatever she is doing."
-- Bela Karolyi on Svetlana Khorkina

"I wanted to get the kid an RBI in Boston."
-- Embattled Red Sox 3B coach Dale Sveum, after getting Bill Mueller thrown out by 40 feet on a single from rookie Earl Snyder.

"I drink to excess, I gamble to excess, but everyone knows it, so it's not a big deal."
-- Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman to MLB officials

"It's like Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, they had their handicaps. It didn't stop them from making their mark."
-- Shyne, discussing how a 10-year jail sentence could affect his career

"Last season, we thought we could beat you. This season, we're going to strap it on."
-- Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke

"I love Vlade. He was great for the organization. We almost won the whole thing a couple of times with him."
-- Kings owner Joe Maloof

"I make love to pressure."
-- Stephen Jackson

"You only get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so many times."
-- Steelers CB Ike Taylor on starting a preseason game against the Lions

"All you're doing right now is just flabbergasting your mouths because there are no solid answers right now."
-- Emmitt Smith to reporters at Cardinals camp

"It wasn't anywhere near here, but it was still somewhat near. It's eerie."
-- Lamar Odom on a bombing in Turkey seven miles from where the U.S. team was staying

"I like to sneak a game or two of 'Madden' somewhere in between studying and sleeping; it helps me unwind and get my mind off football for a little bit."
-- Miami CB Will Poole on what he does to unwind during training camp



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