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Stompin' in my Air Force Ones ...
Celebrity/athlete All-time favorite shoe
First shoe Pairs in your closet?

Ben Wallace
And1's. Anytime you can find a good pair of shoes that fit you, you've got to roll with them. Sometimes it's the no-name brand ones that fit the best. A pair of Kangaroos. They lasted about a week and a half, so I guess they weren't as good as I thought. They're making a comeback, so I'm going to buy another pair. Shoe size: 15

2 or 3 pairs of sneakers

Jermaine O'Neal
Classic Air Force 1 with my logo "J70" with patent leather. Jordans. The Bugs Bunny ones. Shoe size: 14

65 pairs of just the Air Force 1's.

Dontrelle Willis
I was in the ninth grade when I got my first pair of the new Jordans. We went to Foot Locker and camped out but the crowd was worse than a Janet Jackson concert. Luckily, our friend was the store manager and we slid him the money under the door. I almost didn't get a pair.

Baron Davis
My all-time favorite shoe is the Reebok Blacktop. But I never had 'em. When I was younger I could never afford them, so I used to go to Foot Locker and just try them on. That was about as close as I got to those Blacktop Shoes. Shoe size: 13

About 20 pairs of sneakers.

Lito Sheppard
My favorite pair were the Hare Jordans. They came out right around the time of Jordan's movie "Space Jam." They had Bugs Bunny on them. I think these were the sweetest ones because of the color scheme and graphics on the shoe.

Lisa Leslie
The old Jordans, those are classic. They never get old. Definitely Nike hightops, that's when they were really in. Shoe size: 13

About 100 – half sneakers and half dress shoes

Becky Hammon
I think the No. 3 Jordan's are the first pair I can actually remember buying. Shoe size: 9

Hundreds. I have more tennis shoes than fashion shoes.

Emeka Okafor
Air Jordans When I was a freshman in high school I had the all black Jordans. They were my favorite pair and the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Shoe size: 15

DJ Clue
I just got the All-Star edition exclusive Air Force 1, red and blue. They're very hot. A pair of Nike Air Jordans. It was a very big deal and I had to save my own money to get them. I couldn't sleep the night before I wore them to school for the first time. Shoe size: 10

Too many to count, I played in Air Force 1, so I have every color that came out.

Probably Jordan No. 6. They're the best. A couple of dunk contests when he was flying with it, it was just looking crazy. Tens of thousands of mostly sneakers