By Patrick Hruby
Page 2

Gaze upon us, ye Nike Shox, ye Reebok Pumps, ye old-school Converse All-Stars. And despair.

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Great Moments in Sneaker History: Joe's white shoes, Bo knows, the streaker and more – an illustrated history.

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Page 2 has created the ultimate basketball shoe.

It's no secret that hoop kicks have gotten progressively more sophisticated and expensive over the last 20 years, with canvas giving way to patent leather, laces augmented by straps and zippers, rubber replaced by lightweight FoamPosite. Whatever that is.

Question is, are basketball shoes expensive and sophisticated enough? In an era of neat-limitless luxury – where Puffy Combs employs and umbrella guy and Latrell Sprewell struggles to feed his family on $14 million a year – the answer is clearly no. Shoes are status symbols, fashion accessories, tools of the basketball trade. As such, we need more: more gadgets, more add-ons, more doo-hickeys.

A little shoe bling would be nice, too.

Enter Page 2's ultimate shoe, the XJ-P2. More than mere footwear, the XJ-P2 will raise your game. Raise your profile. Crush your enemies underfoot, then record the lamentations of their women on its built-in camera cell phone.

And all for the low, low suggested retail price of $1,649.00.



Art by Kurt Snibbe.