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Emmitt does it all
Emmitt Smith

Super Bowl XXVIII: Emmitt Smith bounces off two Buffalo tacklers for a 15-yard TD run and 20-13 Dallas lead in the third quarter. Smith rushes seven times for 61 yards on the eight-play, 64-yard drive and finishes with 132 yards to win MVP honors.

The Earl of San Francisco
Super Bowl XVI: The 49ers' Earl Cooper punctuates an 11-yard TD pass from Joe Montana -- and a 14-0 lead over the Bengals -- by leaping into the air and spiking the ball.
Fulton steam engine
Super Bowl XVII: Miami's Fulton Walker goes 98 yards on a kickoff to give the Dolphins a 17-10 halftime lead over the Redskins.
A doubting Thomas
Super Bowl VI: Before the game, Cowboys running back Duane Thomas, who usually doesn't speak to the media, utters one infamous line: "If it's the ultimate (game), how come they're playing it again next year?" Thomas runs for 95 yards in a 24-3 win over the Dolphins.
Jack the ripper
Super Bowl XI: In one of the most vicious hits in Super Bowl history, famed Raider henchman Jack Tatum knocks off Sammy White's helmet with a big blow.
The Manster's misplay
Super Bowl XIII: Cowboys defensive tackle Randy White, who is wearing a cast because of a broken thumb, fumbles an unintentional squib kick from the Steelers when tackled by Tony Dungy. The Steelers score on the next play for a 35-17 fourth-quarter lead.
A disgraceful effort
Jimmie Jones

Super Bowl XXVII: The Bills' third straight Super Bowl loss -- and record-setting display of ineptitude (nine turnovers) -- begins when, tied 7-7, QB Jim Kelly is sacked by the Cowboys' Charles Haley and fumbles. Jimmie Jones plucks it out of the air for a 2-yard TD.

Instant replay
Super Bowl I: With NBC and CBS both broadcasting the first Super Bowl, NBC misses the second-half kickoff because Charlies Jones is interviewing Bob Hope. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the referee orders a re-kick and someone asks CBS sideline reporter Pat Summerall to tell Lombardi what had happened. Having played for Lombardi in New York, Summerall refuses to go near the coach.
Chucky's dance
Emmitt Smith

Super Bowl XXXVII: Bucs coach Jon Gruden runs along behind cornerback Dwight Smith, pumping his fist and then thrusting both arms in the air, as Smith returns an interception for a 34-3 lead.

Halfback pass I
Super Bowl XIV: Rams running back Lawrence McCutcheon connects with Ron Smith on a 24-yard TD pass to give the Rams a 19-17 third-quarter lead over the Steelers.
A Giant ground game
Super Bowl XXV: Giants running back Ottis Anderson winds up to "slug" Bills defensive back Mark Kelso during another of his punishing runs.
Cowher's risk pays off
Super Bowl XXX: Trailing 20-10 to the Cowboys early in the fourth quarter, Steelers coach Bill Cowher calls for a surprise onside kick, which the Steelers recover. Pittsburgh then drives and scores a TD to make it 20-17.
Hey, Tom, who is that guy?
Dion Rich

Super Bowl XII: The Super Bowl has legendary gate-crashers like Skipper McNally, who helped carry Chiefs coach off after winning Super IV, but nobody beats Dion Rich, who has snuck into more than 30 Super Bowls, and is pictured here carrying Tom Landry off the field after the Cowboys beat the Broncos.

Wood intercepts Dawson
Super Bowl I: The Chiefs trail 14-10 when, on the their first possession of the second half, the Packers blitz QB Len Dawson and he's picked off by Willie Wood, who returns it 50 yards to the 5-yard line. Elijah Pitts scores on the next play.
Bradshaw to Stallworth I
Super Bowl XIII: John Stallworth takes a short pass from Terry Bradshaw, breaks a tackle, and goes for a 75-yard TD to tie the score 14-14 in the second quarter against the Cowboys.
Third time is a charm
Rod Martin

Super Bowl XV: Raiders LB Rod Martin intercepts Eagles QB Ron Jaworski for the third time -- a Super Bowl record -- in a 27-10 win.

The botched kickoff
Super Bowl XXXVIII: After the Panthers tie the Patriots at 29 with 1:08 left in the game, Carolina kicker John Kasay shanks the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving New England the ball at the 40-yard line. The good field position leads to Adam Vinatieri's game-winning field goal.
The Bucs scout out the Raiders
Super Bowl XXXVII: The Buccaneers intercept five passes, returning three for TDs, in Super Bowl XXXVII's 48-21 stomping of the Raiders. How? As Tampa Bay safety John Lynch, miked for TV, says before halftime, "Every play they've run, we've run in practice."
One Hail Mary short
Super Bowl X: The Cowboys have one play from the 38 to win Super Bowl X, but Roger Staubach's desperation heave is batted by Steelers safety Mike Wagner and intercepted by Glen Edwards.
Here come the Jets
Super Bowl III: Matt Snell's four-yard plunge gives the underdog Jets a critical 7-0 halftime lead over the Colts.
Dallas' best throw of the day
Super Bowl V: Bob Lilly sums up the agony of losing when he rips off his helmet and hurls it through the air after Jim O'Brien's field goal beats the Cowboys 16-13.
Halfback pass II
Super Bowl XII: Robert Newhouse's 29-yard halfback pass to Golden Richards puts the finishing touches on Dallas' 27-10 win over Denver.
Two in a row for the Pack
Boyd Dowler

Super Bowl II: Bart Starr to Boyd Dowler, 62 yards down the middle, thanks to blown coverage by the Raider DBs. The Packers take a 13-0 lead in the second quarter en route to a 33-14 victory and second consecutive Super Bowl triumph.

Patriots follow the Law
Super Bowl XXXVI: The heavily-favored Rams fall behind 7-3 in the second quarter when the Patriots' Ty Law picks off Kurt Warner's pass and goes 47 yards for a TD.
The wrong kind of pregame warmup
Super Bowl XXIII: Cincinnati backup running back Stanley Wilson goes on a cocaine bender the night before the game and misses the Bengals' loss to the 49ers.

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