By Patrick Hruby
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Earlier this season, the Cincinnati Bengals announced plans for a telephone hotline allowing fans with cell phones to report bad spectator behavior, a move that proves two things:

(a) The organization has a sense of irony, however unintentional;
(b) No one with the team owns a mirror.

A fan hotline is fine. A player hotline would be more appropriate. Since December of 2005, eight Bengals have been arrested, causing coach Marvin Lewis to admit embarrassment, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to offer personal help and the rest of America to forget all about the Portland Trail Blazers.

Beyond making them a national punch line, the Bengals' selfless commitment to malfeasance also makes them our 2006 Ignominious Effort Team of the Year. And with the new year just around the corner, one question still looms large: Can Cincy muster a late-season push and crack the double-digit arrest barrier?

For now, take a look back with our exclusive match game.

Click here to try to match the Bengals player with his crime!