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What the heck was actor George Clooney thinking when he threw a party to support his father's congressional campaign and offered to personally wash the car of any guest who would contribute $500 to the campaign?

George Clooney
George will also paint your house if you forget he made Solaris.

A. "This is all a part of my 'regular guy' image. Just think! Me, international superstar George Clooney, washing a car. See, I'm just like the little people."

B. "If it turns out that I've got more cars than I can handle, I'll just call on my old pals from 'Facts of Life.' Nobody buffs a hood like Tootie."

C. "Sure, I could single-handedly fund my dad's campaign, as well as the campaigns of every other candidate in the entire country. But then I wouldn't get the thrill of making one of those cardboard thermometer thingies that shows how close we're getting to our goal."

D. "My assistants are sure going to have dishpan hands by the time I'm done pledging my services."

E. "And for $600, I'll smush my sudsy pecs up against the window just like the chick from 'Cool Hand Luke'."

F. "What can I say? Jeff Kent wasn't available."