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What the heck was Vandebilt senior Matt Freije thinking after shooting three-for-18 in a Sweet 16 loss to Connecticut?

Matt Freije
There would be no help from above for Matt Freije.

A. "Some scouts have questioned whether or not I have an NBA game. I wanted to prove I can't hit mid-range jumpers just like they can't up there."

B. "How can I concentrate knowing Tom and Penelope broke up? I thought those two kids were forever."

C. "At least with a name like Freije people already think I'm just another soft European."

D. "Oh sure, and I bet now nobody is going to want to talk about that time I scored 31 on 12-for-20 shooting against Tennessee Tech."

E. "So much for David Stern having to sweat out the pronunciation of my last name."

F. "Let's just remember that even if I had hit half my shots, UConn would still have covered."