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What the heck were students and alumni at Oklahoma State University thinking when they saw that a bricklayer had spelled "OU" with dark-covered bricks as he put them into the brick wall at OSU's stadium during a renovation project?

Les Miles
As soon as we explain the spelling difference, yes, I think the players will be upset.

A. "Look, Mr. Switzer said he was a qualified bricklayer. Who were we to contradict him?"

B. "Must have been Stacey King that did it. He's Oklahoma's best bricklayer."

C. "It's good to see that Brian Bosworth is finally making an honest living."

D. "I reckon one of them letters is missin'. Not sure what you call it, but it's that squiggly-lookin' one what goes in the middle."

E. "How could a bricklayer be such a big Van Halen fan, but forget the '812' part?"

F. "I guess it's true. Oklahoma really is the smarter campus."