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Kyle Denney
"That's the last time I agree to do shots with guys after the game."

Welcome to a special edition of Page 2's What The Heck Were They Thinking? -- The Kyle Denney Story.

OK, we know that you know that we usually hit you with about 10 of these at once. But come on .. you know this one wouldn't wait.

Gunshots? Major leaguers in drag? Exactly. We couldn't resist.

So, without further adieu, we once again ask What The Heck Were They Thinking?

What the heck was Cleveland pitcher Kyle Denney thinking when he was taken to a Kansas City hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound suffered while he was dressed as a University of Southern California cheerleader? (Denny was hit in the leg by a bullet that pierced the Indians' team bus as it left Kansas City's Kaufmann Stadium. He was dressed up like a USC cheerleader as part of the team's annual rookie hazing ritual. The boot he was wearing apparently saved him from a more serious injury.)

A. "Man, those UCLA guys will stop at nothing!"

B. "They must have mistaken this for the Yankees bus."

C. "The worst part is that guy from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who's been telling people I shot myself."

D. "Does this skirt make me look fat?"

E. "I don't want to die with these boots on."

F. "This is almost as embarrassing as showing up in the emergency room wearing a Kansas City Royals uniform."