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What the heck was Houston wide receiver Jabar Gaffney thinking when, in a case of premature celebration, he lost control of the ball on the 1-yard line without being touched and missed the opportunity to score a touchdown in the Texans' 20-6 victory over Jacksonville?

Jabar Gaffney
"Thanks for the game ball, coach, Whoops! Can someone pick that up for me?"

A. "Millar ... locker rom ... pre-game. 'Nuff said."

B. "I had to do something. The guy I was playing in my fantasy league had me in his lineup."

C. "Taking it to the house is sooooo overrated. I much prefer taking it to the front porch."

D. "That sound you just heard is Corey Bradford moving up the depth chart."

E. "I wish they'd make a Cialis-type drug that would help me control my premature celebration problem."

F. "I wasn't celebrating. Honest. I was just embracing my inner Leon Lett."