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What the heck was a Minneapolis election judge thinking when he asked a voter to remove a red, white and blue button inside a polling place on election day? The button, in support of Minnesota Twins' pitchers Johan Santana and Joe Nathan, read "Santana/Nathan, '04. Starting and Closing for America." (The voter refused to remove the button. After a discussion among a group of voting judges, he was allowed to continue to wear it.)

Johan Santana
"Dude, do you think Torri Hunter would agree to be Secretary of Defense?"

A. "Dude, we used to let people come in here with 'Jesse Ventura for Governor' buttons as a lark, and look at the slippery slope that created."

B. "Look, if those guys get elected, they won't be able to play for the Twins next year."

C. "Sorry, but those two aren't eligible in this election. They already lost in the primaries back in October."

D. "The voter told me Ron Gardenhire asked him to leave it on even when it started to fall apart and he had a new button ready to come in."

E. "Everybody knows that Schilling/Foulke is the more balanced ticket."

F. "OK, that button can stay. But I'm drawing the line at the 'Gardenhire/Romero '04. Coming Out of the Bullpen to Retire Situational Lefties for America' button."