Never mind the fact that, in some form, performance-enhancing drugs are in every sport played for big money. Never mind the fact that we're watching football players grow and muscle-up at a rate twice as fast as baseball players, but we believe the NFL has its drug problem under control.

This whole madness is about Babe Ruth. If Barry was sitting on 600, we'd still be talking about the juiced baseball, not juiced players. The farce of not subpoenaing Bonds makes this whole charade even more transparent.

Am I pro-steroids? Hell no.

I'm anti-stupidity. I'm anti-another stupid "war on drugs" in the name of saving our children. And that's what this is turning into, another simple-minded morality issue that gets people out to donate and vote and fills up our prisons.

Have you looked around your suburban or urban neighborhood? Have you talked to your kids?

We have prisons full of drug offenders, and we have more and more young people abusing drugs and alcohol. A government-led war on steroids or performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports will be counterproductive. You just can't legislate morality. The leagues have to police themselves.

Of course, if you believe Canseco -- and I do -- the leagues have no real interest in policing performance-enhancing drugs. The owners pay the players millions of dollars and they want the players out on the field entertaining fans.

Rather than calling players to testify, I'd like to see the House subpoena former Texas Rangers general managing partner George W. Bush. Canseco claims that Bush and other MLB owners had to know that players were juicing. It strikes me as odd that Mr. Bush didn't develop a law-and-order passion against steroids until after he left the Rangers' office for the Oval Office.

Jason Whitlock is a regular columnist for the Kansas City Star. His newspaper is celebrating his 10 years as a columnist with the publishing of Jason's first book, "Love Him, Hate Him: 10 Years of Sports, Passion and Kansas City." It's a collection of Jason's most memorable, thought-provoking and funny columns over the past decade. You can purchase the book at Jason can be reached by e-mail at

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