With my third pick, I'm taking Vinny Chase in a close call over Turtle. You can't really go wrong with either selection. It just depends on what you prefer. Vince is Peyton Manning. He's going to give you great numbers, meaning he's going to score with a lot of bimbos, but don't ever forget that the dude is soft on the inside. Come on, you knew Vince wasn't a playa; you knew Mandy Moore or somebody was going to break him. Vince looks great in the regular season. He's a totally different playa once the relationship reaches playoff intensity.

Meanwhile, Turtle is as reliable as The Bus, Jerome Bettis. In every episode, Turtle is going to spark up, overeat and get involved in a little harmless mischief. One week, he might cross swords with Drama, the next, he'll discover the next West Coast rap star. By the end of the season, it never fails -- Turtle has ground out Pro Bowl credentials, and you're left wondering why you didn't take notice of his terrific season while it was happening.

My last pick is "E" or Eric. I wish they'd boot him off the show. The arrogant, little, overhyped piece of (stuff) reminds me of Maurice Clarett. The creators of "Entourage" think Eric is the star. But the character is unlikable. Eric talks way too much trash to Ari and tries to be just as clever. It doesn't work. The guy was making pizzas a year ago, and now he acts like he has all the answers in Hollywood. Clarett spent a year in college and thought he was God's gift to the NFL. Clarett started out as a nice little story everyone was rooting for, and now everyone is overjoyed the NFL served him a huge helping of humble pie. Please let Eric get humiliated. He has no business dating Sloan, who is better-looking than any of Vince's former girlfriends.

OK, here's my fantasy ending to Season 2: Sloan convinces Eric to take Ari's old job; Drama convinces Vince to stick with Ari; Turtle gets Dr. Dre to collaborate with Saigon; and Vince, in a Mandy-induced drunken stupor, gets in a serious car accident.

Now that that's off my mind, I can go back to wondering how to get in touch with Janice Toth and whether the Chiefs messed up signing Patrick Surtain rather than Ty Law.

Jason Whitlock is a regular columnist for The Kansas City Star. His newspaper is celebrating his 10 years as a columnist with the publishing of Jason's first book, "Love Him, Hate Him: 10 Years of Sports, Passion and Kansas City." It's a collection of Jason's most memorable, thought-provoking and funny columns over the past decade. You can purchase the book at TheKansasCityStore.com. Jason can be reached by e-mail at ballstate68@aol.com.


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