FAN-TASTIC ... the Sequel!

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Photograph By Tyler Gray for ESPN The Magazine

Ex-Expos outfielder Warren Cromartie sees a bright future for a franchise in Montreal. He founded the Montreal Baseball project in 2012 and has already raised $400,000 for a feasibility study that is looking into what it would take to bring a big league team back to the city where Jackie Robinson played as a Dodgers minor leaguer in 1946. "Montreal has lost its swagger since the Expos left, but we're still a viable city, a hungry city," Cromartie says. Also moving the needle is ExposNation, which organized a fan gathering at a Blue Jays game in Toronto last season. While Youppi didn't make an appearance, a swath of the outfield section held more than 1,000 fans clad in the traditional red, white and blue.