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Josh Sheehan and the Nitro Circus

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Another flippin' night

Photograph By Chip Litherland/ESPN The Mag

On April 28, Josh Sheehan landed the first triple backflip in motocross history, completing a trick that's been dreamed of in moto circles since Travis Pastrana landed the first double in 2006. Overnight, the soft-spoken Sheehan, 29, became the helmeted face of progression in action sports. Ten days later the Aussie was back on tour with Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live, an adrenaline-and-comedy fueled night of skate, BMX and motocross action-packed into a 2 -hour show.

ESPN The Magazine dropped in on the first two stops of Nitro's North America tour, where Sheehan's flashy freestyle tricks, like the double backflip and this ruler flip, were highlights of the night -- save, that is, for the video of Sheehan landing the triple flip, which opened the second act of each show and for which the crowd, dare we say, flipped.