Hurricane Katrina: Bulls on Skates

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Photograph By Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee for ESPN

Inspired by his actual run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Mickey Hanning reimagined this mile sprint in New Orleans in 2007. Instead of bulls, roller girls, wielding large-diameter whiffle ball bats, chase runners and swing for the fences. Also known as San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, it started as a simple shot in the dark at fun that’s exploded into a four-day event bursting with 20,000 participants and 346 roller girls from all over the country (as well as Germany and Canada). “Initially, I thought there would be 50 people at most, like the 50 people I knew in my life,” Hanning says. “But New Orleans is such a unique place. People love to get dressed up. Any reason to get dressed up, start drinking at 6 a.m. ... everybody is in.”