Bodies We Want 2011

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Photograph By Jeff Riedel for ESPN The Magazine

"Kids used to call me Slim Jim and Green Giant and Shaq. I'd get upset and want to fight. But in the eighth grade, I found basketball and finally felt at home. I was growing into my body, so my brothers introduced me to weight training. You'll think I'm cocky, but I'm totally infatuated with my legs now. They are just big, healthy and toned. And I'm kind of bionic. My first injury was a meniscus tear at LSU, and I was supposed to miss four to six weeks. But after two weeks, it was like I'd never been hurt. Last year I played through another meniscus tear. I don't think I'm Superwoman, but I'm stubborn and recover faster than a normal person, even though I don't eat right. I skip breakfast or eat granola bars or Pop-Tarts. And I don't eat anything healthy after practice; I snack on chips all day. But when you're playing year-round, it's easy to maintain your body."