Bodies We Want 2011

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Photograph By Alex Cayley for ESPN The Magazine

"I was born without a right fibula and needed amputation surgery at age 1, so to me, I don't have a missing leg, because my first step was on a prosthetic. When I was younger, my parents never let me make excuses. In eighth-grade football, I had a really heavy prosthetic, and sometimes when I'd punt, my leg would come off and go farther than the ball. But I'd still hop down and try to make a play. In high school, I was all-district in football, basketball and track. Most football teams didn't even realize I had a prosthetic, but then a few stories came out during my senior year, and guys thought it was cool to grab at me in the pile and yell, 'Pull his leg off!' The only annoying thing now is that my residual limb gets really sore and is prone to rashes. But all athletes have bumps and bruises. My prosthetic leg has been a stepping-stone for me to help other people overcome adversity."