Bodies We Want 2011

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Photograph By Jeff Riedel for ESPN The Magazine

"I love that my body is one piece of muscle. It's strong. It's fit. I like that I can feel the hard work I've put into it. I trust my body, knowing that my knees won't bail on me when I swing. I feel totally in control. I was born with loose shoulders, though, and when I was a kid, they'd dislocate really easily because of how skinny I was. My parents would just take me to the doctor, who'd put a balloon in the air, and when I got excited and reached to grab it, my shoulder would pop back in. I actually thought I'd be a track star instead of a golfer, because I love to run -- not just to get fit but to let my mind go. When I'm stressed, I run until I feel better. I also played basketball and rode horses as a kid. I got all of that from my mom; she never stopped moving. I'll spend an entire week in a hotel without turning on the TV."