Bodies We Want 2011

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Photograph By Luis Sanchis for ESPN The Magazine

"Basically, I train for my race car. The space is limited, and I'm petite, so I fit well. We don't have big muscles because muscle means weight, which costs you time. But you still have to be fit. Imagine you're driving a car for two or three hours in 95 degree heat with the windows up and no air conditioning; then when you whip around a corner, the sweat slides sideways across your forehead instead of down. We are dealing with four to five G's on turns, and we wouldn't be able to hold our heads up without headrests. Your neck and shoulders need to be strong to sustain that force. Sure, I wish I didn't have chicken legs, but my body is built for what I do. And besides, the girls say I have a nice butt. My wife agrees."