ANIMAL ATTRACTION: The Live Mascots of the SEC

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Photograph By Jamie Chung

Texas A&M University
Eighth Generation

They call her the First Lady of Texas A&M and Cadet General, and to the freshmen in the corps of cadets she's "Miss Reveille, ma'am." "Her rank is higher than any other student's in the corps of cadets," says sophomore Daylon Koster, Reveille VIII's caretaker, who beat out 18 cadets for the job. She's never crated, never ungroomed and never left alone. Koster even takes the 6-year-old American collie on dates and to class. It's tradition that if Reveille barks during class, which happened in April, the professor dismisses the students for the day. Her sway doesn't stop there. When Texas A&M flew to the SEC welcome party, Reveille had a seat on the university's private plane. What, you thought royalty flew coach?