ANIMAL ATTRACTION: The Live Mascots of the SEC

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Photograph By Jamie Chung

University of Georgia

This isn't the real Uga. This is Russ - the interim mascot, a role he's played off and on since 2009. The 17-month-old Uga VIII died in February 2011 of lymphoma, and like every pup to serve before him, he's buried in a marble vault near Sanford Stadium's main gates. Founders and guardians of the 56-year tradition, Sonny Seiler and his son Charles have yet to pick the next pure English bulldog to continue Uga's lineage. But one thing is certain: Russ won't be the next Uga. He's 8, which means he's too old. Plus, traditionally Uga has been all white. So until the Seilers find the right fit, it'll be Russ chilling in Uga's on-field, air-conditioned doghouse.