Fully Human

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Dead and Buried

Photograph By John Gurzinsky/AFP/Getty Images

Tyson, after being disqualified at the end of the third round of his fight with Evander Holyfield in June 1997.

Tyson says it's not painful to watch clips of his over-the-top aggression in the ring: "I understand that's my baggage that I brought into boxing. That's all that is. I could be just like that in this marriage [to Kiki], proud of this s---, all my bully s---. It's dead. It's in another world. I only live in one world. I can't live in the past. My baggage is in the past, have to leave it there, and live in this world, and let my brain form like water, form for the future, form positivity, clear my mind when it comes to life."