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A Thug

Photograph By G Paul Burnett/AP Images

Tyson has his hand wrapped by trainer Kevin Rooney in the lobby of the Penta Hotel in New York, May 1986, in preparation for his upcoming fight against Mitch Green in Madison Square Garden.

The goal D'Amato set for his young charge was brutally direct: "It was always very serious -- it ain't no game, we're going to beat these motherf---ers, we're going to hurt them too. That was a big thing -- we're going to hurt them too, we're going to beat them and hurt them too." Tyson would beat Green on May 20 in 10 rounds; two years later, he broke his hand in a savage street fight with Green outside Dapper Dan's clothing store in Harlem, where Tyson had gone at five in the morning to pick up a custom-made suit jacket.