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The Elevator Up

Photograph By Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

April 19, 2008: LeBron James vs. Caron Butler

"There was a turnover and LeBron got a head of steam going downhill toward the basket. With the average athlete, even if you don't have a shot at contesting it, you try to meet him in the air, just to let him know 'I'm gonna be here next time you come down.' But LeBron's elevator just kept rising. Initially it looked like the ball was thrown too high. I'm thinking, Naw, not even LeBron can get to that. But he got to it. Afterward, everybody was laughing, saying, 'He got you.' Yeah, well, it looks a lot easier when you're watching LeBron from the sidelines. But hey, sometimes you're on the good side of the poster, sometimes you're on the bad side." -- Caron Butler