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One Giant Leap

Photograph By Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

Jan. 29, 2012: LeBron James vs. John Lucas III

"My man set a back screen on Rip Hamilton, so I had to drop back to the baseline to cover his man -- LeBron. Now, it's hard to avoid being in that poster sometimes: If you don't have a chance to take the charge, all you want to do is get out of the way -- or at least cover your manhood so you don't get kicked in the nuts. But in this case, not knowing they'd thrown it up, I just turned my head and saw LeBron's feet in my face. All I'm thinking is, Is he really doing this right now? I finally saw the replay during the timeout, and I'm saying: Oh. My. God. I'm on the wrong side of the top play of the year. When I got to my phone, I had 40 text messages. Dad left me 10 voice mails saying, 'You've made the household famous now.' But on a happy note: When I logged onto Twitter, I saw I had the blue check mark next to my name. Yeah, LeBron got me verified."