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Alex Olson

Photograph By Jonathan Mehring

Some say skateboarding has been consolidated by big contests and recent team upsets, but several upstarts are ringing in a new crop of independent skateboard brands. Whether they hail from Los Angeles, New York City streets, or from "across the pond," these brands all share a mission to support their local communities and celebrate skateboarding.

Alex Olson, son of skateboarding legend Steve Olson, was born to make waves and has done just that by leaving Girl Skateboards to start his own company. "The reason why I wanted to start my own brand is that I was simply sick of seeing the same thing repeated over and over in companies. I want a company that's small, yet expressive and experimental. I don't want to say too much about the company, but we're going to be working with different people to make different things. For me, it's all about bringing in different artists from other cultures, who know nothing about the brand, and making something unique and different," Olson explains.