Uni Watch Power Rankings (NBA)

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett wear a traditional uniform that befits a team with 17 championships. Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Designing a basketball uniform is always a challenge. There are no sleeves, no headwear, no long pants and no socks (at least not as part of the uniform canvas), so there isn't a lot of space to work with. In addition, the front of the jersey has to include a uniform number, so that takes up the most desirable real estate.

That said, some teams have been more successful with this limited template than others. Here's our assessment of how NBA uniforms stack up (just click on each team's name to see its current uniform set):

UNI WATCH POWER RANKINGS -- Click team names to view uniform sets

Special thanks to Michael Barreras, Jared Hartung, Mark Meeks and Zack Tanner for their photo research assistance.

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