AGE: 24
CHIP COUNT: 28,725,000

Greg Merson has been given a lot of respect from this competition over the past few months and, well, it's deserved. After a WSOP that included a bracelet victory in the $10,000 six-handed no-limit hold 'em event, a fifth-place finish in the four-handed event and a 21st-place finish in the six-handed event, Merson is riding a hot streak into this final table. His bracelet win came just as the main event was started, and without any delay, he entered the main and persevered through many main event challenges, including being down to just two big blinds, to make the final table.

As we've learned about Merson's journey to the final table, we also learned about his battles with drugs and his efforts to control his addictions. Merson has opened up and has become an ally to players everywhere who are looking for answers to their own problems. Merson has a tremendous support group of talented poker pros and while the main event victory is everything to most, Merson's true poker goal is to play and succeed at the highest stakes online games in the world. Merson will become the WSOP Player of the Year if he's able to win.