AGE: 57
CHIP COUNT: 16,860,000

When 20-year-olds weren't playing poker, Steven Gee was at the felt. Gee has been a familiar face at the tables for nearly four decades and at age 57, is hoping to become the oldest main event champion in decades. Gee found his way into the game and dominated the cash games on the west coast. After living a reckless lifestyle due to his inability to manage his bankroll, Gee went broke, left the game and headed into the real world, succeeding in middle management. Gee built up the courage and returned to the felt in 2008, looking for fame and success.

That celebrity came much sooner than he expected. Gee defeated a field of 3,042 players to win his first WSOP bracelet. He headed back to his old poker roots and has been living comfortably ever since, managing his bankroll with greater success. He's been under the radar for the most part during ESPN's coverage and his lack of exposure may help when the cards hit the felt in Las Vegas. He feels that his opponents have stereotyped his play incorrectly and he's looking to surprise everyone and take down his second WSOP win on October 30.